2018 HIQORA World Championships – For the Smart, Talented and Genius

The 2018 High IQ World Championships (HIQORA) is an educational and intellectually-stimulating competition for the world’s brightest and most gifted minds. Participants of all ages and countries engage in a wide-range of innovative activities and questions to test intelligence in quantitative puzzles, games-based learning and real-world IQ aptitude tests. HIQORA helps foster intellectual education and continuous learning across areas of ability and interest for the high-achieving intellectual community.

The High IQ World Championships begin online with Round 1 held worldwide in May 2018
So try some practice questions and challenge yourself, your friends and your colleagues to HIQORA.

The Story so Far

Registration for the HIQORA 2018 is currently open, and our registration pool so far is a diverse and robust group of highly talented individuals. So far, we have competitor registrations from all around the world from countries including Argentina, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, United States, Australia, India, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa and Isreal. To paint a better picture of the cross-section of past HIQORA competitors, here’s statistical breakdowns for past registrants.
HIQORA Stats 4 May

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