1. What is HIQORA?

HIQORA is an innovative and challenging global online competition for the world’s brightest and most gifted minds to develop and test their intelligence against friends, colleagues and other high-achieving intellects worldwide. Competitors undertake two Online Qualification Rounds before the World’s Top 12 advance to a Live Finals Event held in San Diego, USA.

2. Am I eligible to participate in HIQORA 2018?

One of HIQORA’s key values is that the competition should be accessible to “ANYONE, ANYWHERE”, especially given its focus on education, personal and professional development. There are no limits to participating in HIQORA, however this World Championship will target three distinct audiences:

  • 18-28 year old university students (Tomorrow’s Future Leaders)
  • 18-50 year olds (Working Practitioners)
  • CXO/CIO Level executives (Leaders)

3. Do I compete as individual or as a team?

HIQORA is an individual competition. By participating in HIQORA, you agree that all work submitted is your work alone.

You may still wish to arrange a group of colleagues or friends to get involved in the competition, and we encourage you to do that. Companies may be interested in sponsoring or funding the registration of their employees. To pre-purchase tickets in bulk (5+), simply email us to make the registration process a bit easier for your employees, team or office.

4. How does HIQORA work?

The Two Online Rounds will each be up to four hours in length in May 2018, and held simultaneously around the world. Activities and questions are drawn from the HIQORA Championship Framework which explores multi-disciplinary aspects of high intelligence. Examples of these activities and questions may include: learning to play a new board game; interpreting complex literature and language passages; interactive case studies; mathematics and graphical workouts; spelling bees; memory workouts; knowledge of geographical facts and figures; and various exercises across science, technology, education and maths (STEM).

Round 2 will be similarly structured to Round 1, but with even more difficult challenges.

Participants compete individually, so all you need is a computer, internet connection and your brain!

5. Do I need to study for HIQORA 2018?

In preparing for HIQORA you might wish to try a range of practice questions and resources. At the same time, it’s important to note that HIQORA is a test of natural intelligence, so study as such is of lesser importance to success in the competition than natural abilities.

6. What time does Round 1 of HIQORA 2015 start for me?

Round 1 will be held online in May 2018, simultaneously around the world.
Round 2 will be held online in May 2018, also simultaneously worldwide.
Exact times are yet to be confirmed.

7. What are the Live Finals?

HIQORA will culminate in a LIVE World Finals Event in San Diego, California, USA from July, 2018. The Top 12 competitors from Rounds 1 and 2 will receive flights and accommodation to battle it out in front of world-class judges, 2,000+ Mensa Members and countless others watching online worldwide. From our LIVE Finals we will crown the 2018 HIQORA World Champion!

Following completion of HIQORA, all competitors will receive worked solutions and a confidential ranking of their performance in their country, region and institute.

8. How do I register for HIQORA?

Click the button below to take you to the sign-up page. HIQORA 2018 registration is FREE for existing Mensa Members and USD$40 for non-Mensa Members. Please note that Mensa® membership will be verified by the HIQORA team prior to Round 1 according to the competitor’s Membership Number.
Email us if you have any issues with the cost – we don’t want that to get in the way of you participating.


9. When did HIQORA start?

The HIQORA World Championship event was founded in 2016.  The current world champion is Tammy McLoud (USA).  The competition is held every two years.

10. Who organizes HIQORA and how is Mensa involved?

HIQORA is independently organized and administered by the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL) and adheres to PSCL Terms and Conditions.

Other major competitions run by PSCL include ModelOff (Financial Modeling World Championships), TEXATA (Big Data Analytics World Championships), LoyaltyGames (Loyalty Marketing & Gamification World Championships) and Acturian (Actuarial World Championships).


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