HIQORA World Championships – For the Smart, Talented and Genius

The High IQ World Championships are an educational and intellectually-stimulating competition for the world’s brightest and most gifted minds. Participants of all ages and countries engage in a wide-range of innovative activities and questions to test intelligence in quantitative puzzles, games-based learning and real-world IQ aptitude tests. HIQORA helps foster intellectual education and continuous learning across areas of ability and interest for the high-achieving intellectual community.

How It Works

HIQORA will involve participants competing individually in two Online Qualification Rounds, held simultaneously worldwide.


Two Online Qualification Rounds

Cost of Entry

Non-Mensa Members pay a fee of US$40. Mensa Members enter for FREE. Registrations close 24 hours before Round 1.

HIQORA 2016 Finals Judge

HIQORA is proud to announce our first judge as Rick Rosner for the 2016 World Finals. Rick has been a writer for numerous TV productions, including quiz shows as well as talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel and the Emmy Awards. Known for his quirky personality and sharp intelligence, Rick Rosner will no doubt bring an air of excitement to the HIQORA Finals.Rick-Rosner-TV


Meet the HIQORA World Finalists

HIQORA Finalists v6

Competition Timeline

Online Round

Online Round

San Diego, USA

HIQORA Preparatory Framework – Be The Genius

Below is an overview of the key learning themes and topics at the High IQ World Championships. These topics form the general structure from which the real-world case studies and questions are drawn. Round 1 and Round 2 will be 4 hours in duration and conducted simultaneously worldwide. Questions will be randomized. Note that all registered participants will receive Briefing Materials 72 hours prior to Round 1 and Round 2. This will outline specific pre-reading or knowledge that will be required for each Round (e.g. familiarity with specific board games).

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